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Auction Of The Stars brings together the equine talents of two significant breeding and equestrian training centres: Ryans (Heath and Rozzie Ryan), and Byalee (Ann-Maree Lourey). Both centers combine breeding with training and competition. Their breeding programs are shaped by their own experiences in the competition arena. They are all dedicated to producing horses capable of competing at the very highest levels, and are continually striving to improve the quality of competition horses in Australia. Auction of the Stars has sold more than one million dollars worth of horses that represent the cutting edge of breeding in Australia, we want to help you to direct your destiny and create superstars of the future.

A Message from Heath

July 2018

This is the most ambitious auction we have ever presented. Over the years we have continually promoted top genetics and today the results out there in the competition arena are more than impressive, and our contribution to the Olympic disciplines in Australia is something that we are proud of. We haven’t properly documented these results and we do need to, but just off the top of my head:

• Stirling Stilton (gelding) sold 1994 as a 3yo. Represented Australia at the WEG 2002 Spain in dressage.
• Stirling Sprite (stallion) sold 1991 as a weanling. Sire of Adelaide Hills who this year won the 3* at Sydney Three Day Event and is now in contention for the Australian WEG 2018 team.
• CP Dresden (gelding) sold 2011 as a 4yo. Currently Grand Prix with Alycia Targa. Won the CDN Grand Prix at Willinga Park 2018.
• Aspire R (gelding) sold 2009 as a 4yo. Went on to win 3* eventing and then sold to the USA.
• Jude (colt) sold 2006 as a weanling. Won the CDN Grand Prix at Sydney CDI 2018.
• Questing Atticus R (colt) sold in-utero 2015. Supreme Champion (Champion of Champions) 2018 AWHA National Championship and Classification Tour.
Scored a 10 for trot, 8.5 for canter and 9.125 for walk.

And the list does go on and on and on. So this auction is for the first time selling a number of horses that are indeed already at the top: five FEI dressage horses that include the Australian Grand Prix Champion of 2016, Utopian Cardinal; the imported 5yo stallion MSJ Nemo, which we believe to be the best-bred dressage stallion in the world at the moment; along with some fabulous young ridden horses and some super exciting unbroken youngsters and some blue chip broodmares.
This 2018 July auction makes no apology for claiming to be the number one source of horses contributing to Australia’s Olympic discipline future.

For further enquiries please contact myself (Heath) on 0417 656 636, Ann-Maree on 0407 453 494 or Cathryn on 0447 008 470.


A Message from Ann-Maree

July 2018

It pays to read The Girl on the Dancing Horse. It’s about a little girl who grew up in a house where there was very little money, where bankrupt was a reality, where ponies were sold to survive and where the little girl and her siblings grew up building their own showjump fences out of whatever they could find, doing all the hard, messy yard work before and after school. This little girl had ponies that she fell off regularly as they taught her how to ride.

It could be the story of any of us who grew up in Australia, fighting to keep our ponies, then struggling to get to the top, trying hard not to sink into a deep depression as we experienced feelings of ‘not good enough’ or ‘never gunna make it’ as we grew up and aimed for the top of our Olympic discipline… the only difference is that this story mentions English mud and freezing winters.

It wasn’t any of us. It was Charlotte Dujardin, born into a middle-class family instead of into a traditional rich blue-blood family of horsey England (think Zara Phillips), where her parents scrimped and saved to get her to competitions while she did homework in the clapped-out old horse truck on the way, where she left school at 16 to ride anything and everything she could get hold of, where she became an unpaid working pupil almost accidentally for Carl Hester.

Charlotte Dujardin wanted to inspire readers of her book to believe in their dreams – and that is exactly what we love to do here at Auction of the Stars.

Charlotte wasn’t always a star. But the message from her book is that you have to start somewhere, and if you are here at our auction, watching an absolute who’s who of Olympic bloodlines parading right before your eyes, then hey, you have already started somewhere.

What’s to say that there won’t be another Charlotte emerging from Australia, that there won’t be another ‘poor kid comes good’ story, that there won’t be a future star in Australia’s future riding a horse that has everything it takes, a horse that was bought here, today, a horse that has the ability to change your life.

Whether you are a kid like Charlotte was once, or a 20-something rider, or someone who finally has the time and finance to support the dream that you’ve always dreamt, there’s an option here at AOS to allow you to ‘start somewhere’.

Let that somewhere, be here.
Best of luck!