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Auction Of The Stars brings together the equine talents of two significant breeding and equestrian training centres: Ryans (Heath and Rozzie Ryan), and Byalee (Ann-Maree Lourey). Both centers combine breeding with training and competition. Their breeding programs are shaped by their own experiences in the competition arena. They are all dedicated to producing horses capable of competing at the very highest levels, and are continually striving to improve the quality of competition horses in Australia. Auction of the Stars has sold more than one million dollars worth of horses that represent the cutting edge of breeding in Australia, we want to help you to direct your destiny and create superstars of the future.

A Message from Heath

July 2017

Here we go in 2017 - July 29th and 30th.

We have a great line-up of 27 horses for our first auction of the Year with the inclusion of the sensational young 3yo Quaterback stallion, Holstein Park Quarterlander. He is stunning to look at and stands 17hh and is the most beautiful mover. Just exquisite to ride. Spectacular, Spectacular, Spectacular!!!

Babies by our own young Quaterback stallion, Questing R, are again of huge interest with Questing R now having scored 89% in a novice dressage test. Everyone is talking about him. We have broodmares in foal to frozen semen and a couple of mares in foal to Nemo R. This is the first season for Nemo R who is perhaps our best-kept secret. Nemo R is by Negro, the sire of Valegro. Nemo R on the dam line has a grandmother who is a full sister to Don Schufro being by the sire of Weihegold who was individual silver medallist at Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016. Nemo R is possibly the best bred dressage stallion in the world being by a mix of the bloodlines that produced both the gold and silver Individual medallists at Rio.

All of the action can be watched on live streaming on Saturday 29th starting at 12:20pm (go to www.auctionofthestars.com for the link). Sunday 30th is auction day starting at approximately 1:15pm and this year we will have an online bidding facility where you can actually bid and purchase one of these horses from the comfort of your own living room after watching them perform on the live streaming (www.auctionofthestars.com for more info). This is the fast lane and exciting it is!!!

For further enquiries please contact myself (Heath) on 0417 656 636, Ann-Maree on 0407 453 494 or Cathryn on 0447 008 470.


A Message from Ann-Maree

July 2017

At every Auction of the Stars performance sale, there is an air of anticipation. There is an almost collectively held breath as the auctioneer checks his mike, clears his throat, and runs through the conditions of sale.

Who will set out on their dream today? Who will pick up the bargain of the auction? Whose life will be changed by the fall of the hammer? What stellar Grand Prix career will begin right here, right now, known only to the select few who are here to sip wine and watch in fascination?

In the pursuit of excellence, we all hope for a little push that will give us that extra incentive, boost our morale that little bit more, kick us up along the curve to achieving our own personal dreams. Take the innocent beginner rider who comes to the auction to choose another broodmare to add to his rapidly growing collection as he dives headfirst into the Olympic breeding world. He is absolutely, without a doubt, head over heels hooked. The internet has been researched, the catalogue is marked and dog-eared, the motel and VIP table booked – this is serious stuff!

Imagine his delight when he picks up one of the jewels of the December 2016 auction for $5750 – and there wasn’t even any GST! A late lot number, a thinning crowd - and a stunning mare by French Kiss out of a Salute mare, in foal to Questing R, is all his! Right there, a new matriarch of the broodmare herd is collected and she is only nine years old. Unfortunately the ill health of one rider is the beginner of another’s real career, and the mare, previously competed to elementary, is sent off for a week’s boot camp before weekly lessons with a Grand Prix rider/coach commence.

Could anyone, who hasn’t been there, imagine the sheer delight felt by rider moving off a $500 rescue horse onto a French Kiss mare that floats across the arena surface? Or the ‘good pain’ of stomach muscles that learn to sit a worldclass trot, or the hands that learn at an exponential rate the levels of subtlety and tact needed to ride get the best out of a sensitive mare? Before maternity duties begin, there is just enough time to learn how beautiful a contact can be, to learn to sit deep into a trot that uses every newfound back muscle, and to wonder anew each day at the increased rewards for dedicated efforts.

Nothing but 150% trying. Just sheer enthusiasm. Just throwing himself at something that he couldn’t do at all 18 months previously. Suddenly there are 5am rides before work and solar lights on a cleared patch of paddock. There are more competitions, with rewards far beyond merely staying in the arena on a vaguely ‘round’ stockhorse.

Before maternity leave kicks in, there is a whopping 72% official novice score – not too many people are posting national qualifying scores like that, let alone beginners. Horses like this one make it all possible.

Suddenly the future is overflowing with possibilities. There are plans to ride and compete top-pedigreed breakers, to breed more champions, to pursue a dream suddenly looking within reach. Auction of the Stars changes lives. For as little as $5750. Think about it when Heath is cajoling ‘just one more bid and it’s on the market’.

This sale, the one with the goal changer could be you.