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Auction Of The Stars brings together the equine talents of two significant breeding and equestrian training centres: Ryans (Heath and Rozzie Ryan), and Byalee (Ann-Maree Lourey). Both centers combine breeding with training and competition. Their breeding programs are shaped by their own experiences in the competition arena. They are all dedicated to producing horses capable of competing at the very highest levels, and are continually striving to improve the quality of competition horses in Australia. Auction of the Stars has sold more than one million dollars worth of horses that represent the cutting edge of breeding in Australia, we want to help you to direct your destiny and create superstars of the future.

A Message from Heath

December 2017

We at Auction of the Stars are again on the move, having had a wonderful 2017. At the National Dressage Championships at Boneo Park in Victoria the Auction of the Stars stallions were directly or indirectly responsible for 25% of the entire Australian Grand Prix class in terms of horses competing at this competition. What an amazing statistic!

The genetics that are represented by the Auction of the Stars Stallions today include Donnerhall, Rubinstein, Negro, Ferro, Jazz, Consul, Angelo, Bjorsells Briar 899, Bernstein, Landadel, Aktion, Quaterback, Brentano II, Wenzel, Florestan I, Hohenstein, Lauries Crusader, Weltmeyer, Gribaldi, Salute, Bolero and Variant. From this mix of genetics are coming most of the top 25 Grand Prix horses at the Olympics and World Championships. This has to be one of the most potent mixes of genetics happening in the world at a single stud. So far we have not managed to produce an Olympic horse that has the capability of challenging for a medal. That is our goal! These outstanding individuals do appear out of the above mix. We are working on it, however, in the meantime the above mix is producing Grand Prix horses competing at the top in Australia!

So what’s new? The first MSJ Nemo foals are making their appearance for the first time in this auction. MSJ Nemo is possibly at the moment the best-bred dressage stallion in the world. He combines the genetics, right up close, of the Rio Olympic individual gold medallist Valegro with the Rio Olympic individual silver medallist Weihegold. To the best of our knowledge we are the only people to have put these genetics together in one stallion. Perhaps we have had amazing good fortune but whatever, we have got the jump on the rest of the world with MSJ Nemo. These foals are quite startling in their elegance and leggyness. They have lots of bling and are breathtaking. Is this going to be that tiny genetic addition that changes Australian dressage? We are close.

What else? Questing R is now six years of age and starting to make his way into the competition arena. He is my special horse and is only ridden when I am at home. These days I am away much too much, to Questing R’s disadvantage. Nevertheless, Questing R was the leading novice point scorer in NSW with an average score of 77.68%. Nearly 5% more than any other horse in the State. Questing R then went down to the National Dressage Championships in his first big away-from-home competition and won the National 2017 Elementary Championship. He has on two occasions gone through 80% and if he can keep this up as he climbs up through the grades he will single-handedly change Australian dressage history. The Questing R foals are tall and, like their dad, have massive scope in all three of their paces.

Most of our genetics and thrust is focused on driving the Australian dressage standards to a point where we Australian-based riders are competitive at Olympics. This December 2017 auction, however, does have a very serious three-day eventing flavour in terms of ridden horses and in terms of unbroken stock. The Australian eventing discipline is already Olympic medal competitive and a couple of these eventing horses have the potential to be right up there with the best.

December 2017 will be a fascinating auction. Without question, Auction of the Stars is a melting pot that is producing some of the top horses in Australia for our top Australian riders. Is this the auction that will produce dressage horses that go one step further and challenge for Olympic medals?

For further enquiries please contact myself (Heath) on 0417 656 636, Ann-Maree on 0407 453 494 or Cathryn on 0447 008 470.


A Message from Ann-Maree

December 2017

It takes a leap of faith to take a horse through its life journey to Grand Prix dressage or showjumping or to three-star eventing.

And it takes a leap of faith simply to choose your next horse! No matter whether you are an ambitious pony clubber, a rider who loves to master classical dressage at home, a young rider with Olympic dreams in their eyes or an adult amateur or professional, it still takes a huge amount of self-belief and an imagination that can live and work and grow outside the box.

Alas for the romantics, it also takes research. But the good news is that here at Auction of the Stars we aim to combine all of the essential elements of that picture in ready-made packages for you - genetics that can rest on their laurels with proven pedigrees over and over again.

A successful journey begins with one step … and for Byalee Stables, that next journey begins now. After two years of careful research, and after searching through Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Spain, Byalee Stables has imported a beautiful black PRE stallion that descends from some of the most elite performance bloodlines Spain has to offer. What looks like that traditional leap of faith is in fact the result of statistical analysis combined with a generous helping of self-belief and imagination.

Salao IX represents our dreams and imagination. Just as, 10 years ago, Byalee Briar’s arrival from Sweden was the result of years of to-and-fro conversations between Heath and I, again, Salao’s arrival in Australia from Spain is the result of a similar level of thought and consideration. The Ryans’ latest addition to the stallion stable, MSJ Nemo, is yet another example of that premeditated integration into an already proven collection of elite bloodlines. He represents decades of performance breeding and once again years of performance analysis.

For the buyers at Auction of the Stars, the good news is that the research and analysis has already been done. Your leap of faith and your imagination takes you along a path that becomes ever more clearly obvious through those who have travelled before you – and this weekend we can offer you the equine companions you need to journey along that path towards what will hopefully be peaks of success.

Surely, when the sum of the whole is greater than its individual parts, we can together take Australia on our long-awaited path to Olympic success. Bring it on!