1109 Lot 03 - Revuelo VIII (imp)

September 2011 auction

Black Stallion, 16.2 hh, 11/4/2004
Gastador XXVII x Nena XXIX
On account of Tracy Tynan

Revuelo VIII is an imported black PRE stallion from Spain. Revuelo VIII has the most magnificent temperament, being very sweet and very quiet - quiet to the point that he would happily partner a very inexperienced rider. He is, however, also a very talented Spanish horse with good walk, trot and canter.

In the walk he has great overtrack and a soft on-the-bit way of travelling. The trot is quite flamboyant and Revuelo VIII has an amazing piaffe. Leading up to the auction Revuelo VIII is being schooled by Grand Prix rider Tor van der Berg who says the piaffe is worth a 9 day in, day out. Canter is good and balanced. Revuelo VIII is very trainable and also has a great presentation of the Spanish walk. Revuelo VIII is good in shoulder-in, half pass and pirouettes and very soft to ride. Revuelo VIII travels on a light and soft contact and has a very steady head carriage, which is a major consideration in competition.

Revuelo VIII has quite remarkable conformation and really good feet. Like most Spanish horses, Revuelo VIII has a magnificent cascading mane and tail. This is a very unique moment in Australian history.

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