2010-05 - Lot 01 - Journeyman R

May 2010 Auction

Bay colt, 27/10/09
Jive Magic x Shannon R
On account of Ryans

To buy Journeyman R will be a public statement that you have every intention of mixing it with the best in the world. As can be seen, Journeyman R has an exceptional interpretation of the paces. Quite remarkable bend through all of the joints, massive power and all the while really up in front. Journeyman R is by Jive Magic who is giving off all the signs of re-writing Australian Grand Prix dressage history.

Journeyman Rís mother, Shannon R, is possibly the most successful dressage broodmare in Australia today. Shannon R is the dam of: Daylight (campaigning at Grand Prix from Monica Theodorescuís stable in Germany with Australian young rider Brianna Burgess); Don Romeo (who was winning at Prix St Georges and about to start Grand
Prix with Australian international rider Sue Hearn but was unfortunately exported to England); Don Rivera (winning Prix St Georges with Rozzie Ryan); Donna Carina (winning at advanced with young rider); Jeff The Chef W (USA National Advanced Dressage Champion and already
competing Grand Prix with Silva Martin) - this is a full brother to Journeyman R; Jonquil R (another full sister to Journeyman R retained at stud at Ryans); another five brothers and sisters but no more space.

Journeyman R is as close to a guarantee as you will ever get.

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Jive Magic (imp)
Kind of Magic
Gieke Utopia
Shannon R
Salute (imp)



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