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Auction Of The Stars brings together the equine talents of two significant breeding and equestrian training centres: Ryans (Heath and Rozzie Ryan), and Byalee (Ann-Maree Lourey). Both centers combine breeding with training and competition. Their breeding programs are shaped by their own experiences in the competition arena. They are all dedicated to producing horses capable of competing at the very highest levels, and are continually striving to improve the quality of competition horses in Australia. Auction of the Stars has sold more than one million dollars worth of horses that represent the cutting edge of breeding in Australia, we want to help you to direct your destiny and create superstars of the future.

A Message from Heath

July 2019

Welcome to our July 2019 Auction of the Stars.

At our July Auction last year 2018 we sold some wonderful horses which indeed have gone on to change peoples lives. Utopian Cardinal has taken his new owner Mary Nitschke from Advanced dressage levels to Prix St Georges to Grand Prix and then unbelievably to win the Big Tour Championship at the Boneo Autumn Dressage Championships, then on to the Sydney CDI where Mary and Cardinal won the Under 25 Grand Prix and then back to their home state of South Australia where Mary and Cardinal won the Open Grand Prix at their state championships. This has all happened in less than 12 months.

Another young rider Jess Hivon bought Greenoaks Weltman and has won Inter A and Inter B and Medium tour champion in Victoria at both Weribee and Boneo Park. Both of these girls, Mary and Jess, are on their way to impacting on our Australian dressage destiny.

It is just so difficult to supply Australian riders with horses that have the ability to change their lives. We have been working at this for almost 40 years and although we can never guarantee the outcome we can guarantee that you are more likely to find horses capable of changing your life here with us more so than through any other individual or company in Australia.

2019 July 28 Auction of the Stars is again bursting with spectacular individuals not available anywhere else in Australia and we would argue in the world. Heading up this vibrant band of horses is the young rider stallion Fiji R who is an established Grand Prix competitor and super super quiet. Absolutely anyone can ride this horse. We have some wonderful horses under saddle. We have some youngsters both broken and unbroken by Wimborne Constable who is the only stallion in Australia competing at 4* eventing level. We have something for everybody.

You are welcome to call us and make inquiries and organise inspections and trialling before the Auction if that suits you better. Of course on Saturday the 27th and the Auction day Sunday the 28th we do facilitate trialling and presentation of all the catalogued horses. I do hope to see you there.

For further enquiries please contact myself (Heath) on 0417 656 636, Ann-Maree on 0407 453 494 or Cathryn on 0447 008 470.

A Message from Ann-Maree

July 2019

A page from another book …

There’s a really well-known bloke round the finance/media world, who goes by the name of The Barefoot Investor.

He has a column in the Sunday Telegraph, a really famous book called, not surprisingly, The Barefoot Investor … his name is Scott Pape and he has developed a bit of a cult following in the world of money. Normal people think he’s great, as he tells them how to be free of debt in today’s world.

What’s that got to do with Auction of the Stars, you ask?

Well, he has some really common-sense advice on how to manage that money successfully. And we have some really common-sense advice on how to manage your performance horse dreams successfully.

He suggests that you invest your money in an index fund, then ignore it, then check it 30 years later and count the mozza you’ve made. He is pretty critical of people who stress out, checking the stock market day after day for miniscule changes, be they positive or negative. He recommends that you don’t lose sleep and do it yourself, trying to keep track of which shares you should buy and when you should sell and what is the latest fashion in any one week. Sit back and enjoy your cocktails, he says, let someone else do the hard grind, and reap the rewards.

Welcome to Auction of the Stars. That’s us! We have done the hard yards for decades. We know what the winning bloodlines are, we’ve checked the pedigrees. There is no need to be continually chopping and changing, wondering if you are missing out on the latest, greatest young horse when every year more stallions are presented for stallion testing all over the world, or reading up on every frozen stallion semen available, trying to decide what is missing in your breeding program.

We have the statistics on which stallions are producing the most international Grand Prix stallions, we check the international results; we breed and match genetics and experiment for you and present to you at our auctions the results of those years of work.

Stick with what is proven to work, just like The Barefoot Investor, and watch it grow to success. No short cuts, no magic wands or coaches, just proven potential to get to where you want to go, whether that be all the way to Grand Prix or just enjoying a happy horse capable of performing the movements you want.

There are bloodlines almost guaranteed to piaffe and passage and make it to Grand Prix, just as there are blue chip shares. Ultimately they will float to the top no matter what setbacks occur along the journey. There are bloodlines that MIGHT make it if everything goes well, and there are absolute long shots about as likely to do GP as your kids’ pony.

Make your journey as easy as possible. Use our experience to pave the way.

Happy riding!