Payment Plans

Auction of the Stars offers Payment Plans on any Lot presented by Ryans or Byalee. There are two options to help out buyers hoping to reach for the Stars.

There are two different options.

1. Pay off your Purchase

Pay 20% of the total price on the day and pay the balance of the price (up to $20,000) by direct debit in 12 equal monthly instalments, interest free! You take your new horse home with you on the day, and you may pay out the price in full at any time (within 12 months) without penalty.

*Approved buyers only. Conditions apply

2. Top-up Finance

Top-up finance is available on the day of the auction without prior approval. This finance gives you an extra 30% of the price to allow you to keep bidding! The horse remains with the vendor on paid agistment until the finance is repaid, again by direct debit in 12 equal monthly instalments. The borrowed funds may be paid back at any time without penalty and the buyer can then take possession of the horse.

*Conditions apply

In both cases, horses must be insured on the fall of the hammer with IRT Insurance.

For more information and to recieve the relevant contract and conditions, email

Phone Bidding

If you can't make it on the day and want to get involved with the Auction there is Phone or Online Bidding.

Before the inclusions of Online bidding about 40% of our horses are sold at auction to people who aren't even there! We would love to help you out if you can't attend the Auction of the Stars.

Download the Phone Bidding form here

Send the form back and we will call you on the morning of the Auction to confirm your phone number and then call you when the horses you indicated interest for are about to be Auctioned.

VIP Experience

Auction of the Stars VIP seating!

$30 per person


Auction of the Stars is more than just an auction - it is a time of highlights, of emotions, of education, of entertainment. It is a chance to see the champions of tomorrow in the sale ring of today, but more, it is a chance for you to take time out to enjoy the whole spectacle with the comfort of ringside viewing. For just $30 per head, you can be among those special guests - yes, VIPs - who care to have that extra little attention to detail, who care for that little extra attention full stop! At Auction of the Stars, we would like to reward your visit with a memorable day out, where nibbles and drinks are constantly offered to you, where champagne bubbles on the tables as you watch in wonder as the Auction of the Stars stallions strut their stuff. We would like to pamper you with a delicious meal and offer you red and white wine to accompany it. Relax, chat, take a stroll past the stables and return with your friends for the auction itself. Settle in for the afternoon’s entertainment. Whether you plan to bid, whether you buy on impulse, or whether you simply enjoy the atmosphere, Auction of the Stars delights in ensuring your comfort and enjoyment. The experience is yours for the asking, and you now have the ease of being able to book your tickets online.

We would love to share our day with you.

Get your tickets here


The July 2017 Winter Performance Sale will be located at Ryans in Heatherbrae NSW

2273 Pacific Hwy
NSW, 2324

The Newcastle Equestrian Centre is on the Pacific Highway at Motto Farm, between Raymond Terrace and Hexham.

You will find it between the Sir Francis Drake Airport Motel and the Motto Farm Motel.

Just 15 minutes from the Newcastle Airport.

Parking available at the venue or next door at the Motto Farm Motel


Accomodation is available within walking distance or a short drive, here are some suggestions:

Country Comfort Motto Farm Motel 02 49871211

Sir Francis Drake Inn 02 49871444

Colonial Terrace Motor Inn 02 49872244

Sleepy Hill Motor Inn 02 49872321

Mecure Newcaslte Airport 02 40338900

Ridden Horse Trialling

This is one of the outstanding opportunities offered through the AOS selling program. We would encourage all riders who are slightly interested in the ridden horses to pluck up the courage to trial these horses in the official trialling times. Of course you are very welcome to trial these horses by prior arrangement in the weeks preceding the auction. Most people do suffer from the thought of riding in front of a crowd on the official trialling day. Our take on this is that if you are too embarrassed to look out for your own interests, then certainly nobody else will. Also, if you have dreams and ambitions, secret or otherwise, and being embarrassed is the biggest obstacle you have to overcome, then really life is not too bad. Realistically you will have to overcome much bigger obstacles than just being self-conscious or embarrassed. Get out there, trial these horses and take advantage of a great opportunity.

At the auction you do have the unique advantage of comparing one horse against the other. This comparison opportunity is exactly what happens in competition, one horse immediately compared against another, a phenomena which is very difficult to replicate when buying a horse privately. Riding is a passion discipline and in most instances when buying privately a prospective purchaser falls in love with a horse and buys it. In the auction situation, a prospective purchaser is much more likely to weigh up the pros and cons of each horse on a comparative basis. Of course, falling in love with the horse is a critical ingredient for success but we at the AOS would encourage you firstly to select your next horse on an intellectual level, then follow your heart and fall in love with the horse. We all know of people that have bought horses that didn’t turn out to be everything they had hoped for but nevertheless, love the horse and persevere even when it is clear they should sell and start again. Treat the auction trialling as a day at the office.

We encourage everyone to trial each horse that goes close to falling into their wish list category. Keep in mind that sometimes a horse that reads and looks mediocre in the catalogue actually turns out to be lots better in real life than you had expected. Conversely, some horses will catch your imagination in the catalogue, and then be disappointing in real life. Once you ride more than two horses you will lose track of details on each horse so we encourage you to write notes on each horse immediately after trialling them. Also, watching a horse being trialled by other riders is a great way of assessing honesty and rideability.

The first official trialling is on Saturday at 2pm and on Sunday at 8.30am and we would encourage all interested parties to take advantage of this Saturday trialling. This does give you as the potential buyer the opportunity to have another ride the next day Sunday, at 8am. This also gives you enough time to research the horses and talk to the owners.

The basic format of trialling is that two or three horses come into the arena and are shown off for the first five minutes by their vendors, basically warming up and just gently running through the horse’s routine. Then people wishing to have a little sit are invited to come forward. Prospective buyers organise to trial a horse by approaching the AOS representative, who takes a list of names so as to keep the trialling ordered, and also signing the appropriate waivers. Each trialling is tailored to each rider’s individual needs, keeping in mind that the first and foremost priority is safety, and of course the well-being of the horse. It is a very hectic schedule with two sessions of public trialling plus the auction, all in two days, so horse welfare is a major consideration. We are of course very aware of also servicing the riders’ needs.


IRT will be here and available on the day to offer Insurance

We highly recommend that you choose to insure your purchase: Cheryl Dods from IRT Insurance will be in attendance at the sale and she will be happy to answer all your insurance questions and/or you can call her on 0411 703 703. IRT Insurance offers fall-of-hammer cover for mortality and theft at competitive rates. All auction horses have a certificate of good health acceptable for insurance purposes and we strongly advise that you do not transport your new purchase home with insuring it!

(for an approximate cost of insurance click here)